New Camp Creek Greenway bridge opens in Lilburn

Lilburn recently completed upgrades to its Camp Creek Greenway Trail, including a new 40-foot maintenance-free bridge.

The greenway was first constructed in 2007 along Camp Creek in Lilburn City Park. It now stretches 4.2 miles between Killian Hill Road and Rockbridge Road. Because the greenway was built in a floodplain, seven boardwalks elevate walkers, runners, and cyclists above the marshy areas and streams.

The ongoing cost of maintaining the wooden boardwalks sparked the city’s interest in a precast concrete boardwalk product, called PermaTrak. Future boardwalk upgrades, possibly using the same material, are being planned to take place over the next five years. The city is also adding drainage improvements to the trail, and will ramp up day-to-day efforts to clear the trail of mud and debris after heavy rainfall.


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