Never on Sunday: Canton adopts outdoor burning law

Outdoor burning in Canton is prohibited of garbage, petroleum-based products like tires, in a barrel, on a public street, on a Sunday – or any time the chief of the Canton Fire Department says so – under an ordinance recently approved by the City Council.

The outdoor burning ordinance also bans burning if there’s a danger of the fire spreading, or with sustained winds of 10 mph or higher or atmospheric conditions that force smoke close to the ground.

City permits will be required for bonfires and the burning of yard waste; yard waste fire permits will be issued from Oct. 1 to April 30, and only to parcels of two or more acres. The fire chief can issue a permit in special circumstances, such as for agricultural burns or to dispose of tree debris from storm damage.

The new ordinance doesn’t apply to grills, fire bowls, outdoor fireplaces or similar devices – except the burning of garbage is prohibited regardless of where it’s lit.

In case of overlap with state laws, environmental regulations or other codes, the more stringent rules will apply, the ordinance says.