Municipal Court of Atlanta creates improvement task force

By Administrative Standing Order, Chief Judge Portis of the Municipal Court of Atlanta announced the formation of a new improvement task force to develop a comprehensive Report and Recommendation for the Court.

A key part of the Task Force’s purpose will be recommending best practices and updated operational models, in an effort to further promote access to justice and ensure public safety. Accountability and transparency are driving factors behind the need for the Task Force, including updating policies and procedures that drive the Court’s day to day operations. Despite being one of the busiest Court’s in the region by volume of new cases daily, there remains the need to ensure operational policies remain current and that the justice system is responsive to the community it serves.

The Task Force will consist of legal experts familiar with practice before the Municipal Court of Atlanta, City Council members, a representative from the Mayor’s Office, court operations professionals, and the business community:

George Lawson, Esq., Lawson & Thornton PC

Steven Weiner, Esq., Weiner Law Group

Michael Miller, Esq., Law Office of Michael N. Miller PC

Rashida Davis, Deputy Court Administrator, Municipal Court of Atlanta

Keith Gammage, Fulton County Solicitor General

James Rodatus, Esq., Administrative Office of Courts – Policy Analyst

Kyra Dixon, Deputy Chief Clerk of Court – Municipal Court of Atlanta

Raines Carter, Solicitor – City of Atlanta

Kenneth Days, Public Defender – City of Atlanta

Dustin Hillis, Atlanta City Council District 9

Andrea Boone, Atlanta City Council District 10

Andre Dickens, Atlanta City Council Post 3 At Large

Shani Godwin, President/CEO, Communique-USA, Inc.

Chief Patrick Labat, City of Atlanta Department of Corrections

Christopher T. Portis, Chief Judge Municipal Court of Atlanta

The Chief’s Task Force will work in tandem with Court staff and City partners to develop recommendations. Technical working groups will also be formed to support the Task Force on specific topics including the challenges facing the Court, our community and its citizens.

While the Court will continue to implement current working processes and initiatives, the Task Force will tackle innovative ways to solve the difficult topics the Court is facing today and in the future.