Molestation claims resurface against former DeKalb priest

The allegations against Father Stanley Idziak never really went away.

Even as they receded into memory for most as a dark part of DeKalb County history, the boys who say he molested them still carried the weight of his sins.

But today, the priest’s story comes back into public view, following the passage of the Georgia Hidden Predator Act. It passed in 2015 and cleared the way for the memories to become lawsuits against Idziak.

Idziak, who worked as a priest at Catholic churches in DeKalb and Hall counties in the 70s and 80s, was never charged. A former DeKalb prosecutor said Idziak couldn’t be because of the statute of limitations.

Idziak, who always refused to comment on the accusations, settled into a new secretive life in a place where no one knew his past.

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