Milton adds country club to landscaper’s duties

The Milton City Council has amended its contract with Tri Scapes Inc. to have the company take on the maintenance of the newly acquired Milton Country Club in addition to sports fields and Bell Memorial and Providence parks.

The council increased the contract work by Tri Scapes by $72,000 to provide for the maintenance of the 139-acre country club; raised the contract cap from $300,000 to $550,000; and moves the costs for garbage bags, doggie pot stations and bathroom consumables at Bell Memorial Park to a pass-through cost to the city.

“This change will result in a reduction of the total contract price of $3,200 as a credit for the supplies which Tri Scapes previously was providing under the contract,” Jim Cregge, director of parks and recreation, said in a memo to the council. “The net difference in the contract is $68,800, moving the contract value from $238,615.77 to $307,415.77.”