Men fleeing from officers ram police cruiser

Johns Creek police tell Channel 2 Action News three South Florida men who rammed a police car Thursday trying to flee from officers are suspected in a large ID theft ring.
Captain Chris Byers told Channel 2's Mike Petchenik officers responded to a Kroger on Holcomb Bridge Road to reports that three men were using stolen credit card numbers to purchase gift cards.
"This person noticed the police officers coming into the parking lot, ran to his getaway vehicle that was parked close by on a nearby street," Byers said.
Byers said an unmarked detective car stopped in front of the getaway car, and as another officer approached, he said the driver threw the car into reverse and slammed into the squad car.
"In the collision, one of our lieutenants wound up hitting the glass with his head when they struck at a very high rate of speed," Byers said.
He said the injured lieutenant was taken to the hospital, but has since been released and is home recovering.
Lizzy Scott was working at a nearby gym when she saw the commotion.
"Two fire trucks, ambulances, a guy in the back of a cop car, broken glass everywhere," she said.  "It's a little terrifying that it happens in this area."
Police have charged Silvio Louis with two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, forgery, ID and credit card fraud.  Hermin and Jean Paul are each facing forgery, ID and credit card fraud charges.
"They're going to be suspected in hundreds, literally hundreds of counts (of fraud)," Byers told Petchenik.
Byers said the charges, so far, are in Johns Creek and Gwinnett County.
One victim, Desmond Levy, told Petchenik someone stole his credit card information last year, then stole his debit card information yesterday and removed several hundred dollars from his bank account.
"It's surprising and shocking," he said.  "You never know."
Levy was thankful to hear of the arrests.
"I hope they realize you just don't do that to people and go out and get a job," he said.