Marietta Square gap will be filled by brewery

A new building will fill the empty lot at 67-87 North Park Square in downtown Marietta and will be known as Wise Owl Brewing.

The Marietta City Council voted 5-0-2 March 14 to approve the change with two abstentions.

Councilwoman Michelle Cooper Kelly disclosed she is employed by a large brewery that also owns several craft breweries.

Besides abstaining along with Kelly, Councilman Joseph R. Goldstein refused to participate in any discussion on this matter since the property is owned by Marietta Properties, LLC, which is owned and managed by his father Philip Goldstein.

The applicant is Joe Uhl, owner of Wise Owl Brewing, which will have a 50-year ground lease with Marietta Properties, LLC.

With an estimated completion date of this fall or winter, the three-story building will be brick, with sandstone accents, on the front, side and rear, including a rooftop patio.

The city’s Historic Board of Review also recommended approval by a 9-0 vote on March 3.