Marietta Square’s first brewery is now open

Glover Park Brewery is set to become Marietta Square's first beer-making joint.

Credit: Glover Park Brewery

Credit: Glover Park Brewery

Glover Park Brewery is set to become Marietta Square's first beer-making joint.

What’s better than a place to drink beer? A new place to drink beer that could become your ‘ol place to drink beer.

Enter Glover Park Brewery.

Marietta Square’s first brewery is now open.

The business posted tidbits online about the space: a look at the art you can expect to see, pictures of good-boy dogs allowed in their beer garden and more.

There was even a ribbon-cutting ceremony with city officials before their grand opening.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution spoke with the owners, fourth-generation Mariettian Hank DuPre and seventh-generation Mariettian Sam Rambo in March about what to expect from the place.

The brewery is located at 65 Atlanta Street in the 1932 building that was once a Sears, Roebuck and Company.

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Glover Park Brewery Sam Rambo, left, and Hank DuPre, far right, sit on either side of Kevin McNerney, co-founder of SweetWater Brewing and a beer adviser to the new Marietta brewery. (Provided by Glover Park Brewery)

Credit: Glover Park Brewery

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Credit: Glover Park Brewery

Plans filed with the city show the top floor as an event space with about 5,000 square feet and a taproom of 6,000 square feet.

The brewery is across from a Sherwin-Williams store and about 950 feet from its namesake park, which is named after the city’s first mayor John Glover — whom DuPre said is his great-great-great-great-grandfather.

The longtime friends didn’t know how to make beer, so they called on Kevin McNerney, co-founder of SweetWater Brewery, as an adviser.

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The brewery describes what beers to expect for the opening:

• Lager"ish" (name to be determined) - This ale is light in color and body. It uses traditional German malts and hops to give a crisp, smooth finish. Alcohol by volume: 5.5 percent

• Belgian Wit (name TBD) - This Belgian Wheat Ale is straw in color and slightly hazy. Additions of orange peel and coriander make it a light-bodied ale. ABV: 5 percent

• West Coast IPA (Lots O Hops) - This has five types of hops that give it a pine aroma and bitter finish. The beer has a medium body and copper color. ABV: 7 percent

• Tropical IPA (name TBD) - "Extremely easy drinking but often sneaky," this beer has a mild bitterness with tropical and citrus touches. ABV: 6.5 percent

• Saison (name TBD) - A Belgian Ale that's pale in color, it has a slight bitterness and lemon tartness. The beer has more carbonation with a crisp finish. ABV: 5 percent

• Golden Ale (name TBD) - The ale is light in color and has a body with a "delicate hop character." ABV: 5 percent

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