Marietta is first U.S. city to test free TravelSafely app


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Marietta is first U.S. city to test free TravelSafely app

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Marietta is the first U.S. city to test the new, free TravelSafely app. First responders in Marietta automatically will be given green lights at pre-cleared intersections to provide a safer route and shorter response time. WSB file photo

Marietta is testing a new, free “Smart City” Marietta TravelSafely app that will be available soon on Apple and Android devices.

TravelSafely brings accurate, up-to-the-second connected-vehicle communication to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians through a free app on their smartphones, according to city officials who say Marietta is the first city in the U.S. with it.

Through alerts, users are made aware of potentially dangerous road conditions.

Marietta TravelSafely soon will be deployed to all of the city’s 120 traffic signals and anonymous smartphones.

Anyone driving, cycling or walking in the city can use the app which will work automatically in the city’s 23-square-mile area.

Noting the second highest cause of death for U.S. firefighters is traffic accidents, Marietta Fire Chief Jackie Gibbs said, “With this new technology, our department will be able to give our vehicles, responding to emergency calls, green lights to clear out the flow of traffic in a more organized and safe manner.”

The technology behind the TravelSafely app is developed and manufactured by Applied Information Inc. with deployment by Temple Inc.

Information:, TravelSafelyApp,com,

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