Although Georgia’s 2,344 miles of coastline pales in comparison to many of her neighbors bordering the Atlantic Ocean, the state has seen its share of deadly hurricanes. While far from a complete list, here are some of the worst storms to impact Georgia since 1851. (Note: Hurricane naming didn’t begin until 1953.)

1893 -- The “Sea Islands” hurricane

This Category 3 storm struck near Savannah on August 27, 1893, leaving around 1,000-2,000 people dead in its wake. Reports put winds around 120 m.p.h. during windfall. Total damage to Georgia and South Carolina, which was also hit, came to around $1 million.

1896 -- The “Cedar Keys” hurricane

Florida suffered most when this Category 3 storm made landfall, but southeastern Georgia, Savannah and the Sea Islands were all severely impacted by high winds and heavy rain. 37 Georgians were killed.

"Cats, rats and rattlesnakes" took refuge in a tree with one family that survived the great "Georgia" hurricane of 1898.

Credit: AJC Newspaper Archives

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Credit: AJC Newspaper Archives

1898 -- The “Georgia” hurricane

The strongest hurricane on record in the state’s history made landfall on Cumberland Island October 2, killing at least 179. Damage was estimated at $1.5 million with Brunswick taking the brunt of the Category 4 storm’s impact, a 16-foot storm surge devastating the coastal city.

1979 -- Hurricane David

David hit Georgia on Sept. 4, bringing with it heavy surf and high winds. Savannah escaped major damage, but David’s storm surge was responsible for two deaths. At its peak, David was a Category 5 storm.

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1990 -- Tropical Storm Marco

Eastern Georgia saw heavy rainfall as Marco moved through the region Oct. 12, forcing the evacuation of around 300 people in Augusta. The Savannah River city suffered mightily as Marco’s remnants moved through. Flooding left 450 homeless and five people drowned. Damage totaled $42 million in Georgia.

1994 -- Tropical Storm Alberto

Stalling out over Georgia from July 5-8, Alberto resulted in flooding across the majority of the state, including south, central and north Georgia. The flooding is considered Georgia’s worst in history. 31 people died and around 471,000 acres of cropland were destroyed. Agricultural damage was estimated at $100 million and total damage from Alberto came to $750 million.

1995 -- Hurricane Opal

On Oct. 4-5, West Georgia and the metro Atlanta area were hammered by rains and wind from Opal, downing over 4,000 trees in the Atlanta city limits and causing numerous power outages throughout the metro area. In extreme northeastern Georgia, Rabun County suffered $5 million in damage. 10 people were killed.

2005 -- Hurricane Dennis

Dennis’ effects were felt throughout a wide swath of Georgia July 9-10, its rain bands flooding numerous counties in the state’s interior, including outer metro Atlanta areas. Douglas County recorded 10 inches of rainfall, which flooded several roads and destroyed a number of homes. Two people died and damage reached $24 million.

2017 -- Hurricane Irma

As Irma headed north, Governor Nathan Deal ordered mandatory evacuations for all areas east of Interstate 95 on Sept. 6 and Atlanta found itself placed under its first-ever tropical storm warning. A total of 540,000 people on the Georgia coast were ordered to leave the area. Three people died in Georgia.

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