Long waits at Atlanta VA hospital, too

The Atlanta VA Medical Center.
The Atlanta VA Medical Center.

Terence Robinson had to wait five months for surgery at the Veterans Administration hospital in Atlanta to remove painful bladder stones.

As the scandal widens over wait times at VA hospitals nationwide, the Atlanta medical center stands out among the worst. It had the third longest average wait time — 56.5 days — for new patients, according to a report by USA Today. Nashville had the longest, 65 days. Fayetteville, N.C., was second at 56.8 days.

“It’s just a hassle. Appointments six months apart. C’mon,” said Billy Darby, president of the Cumming Vietnam Veterans of America. “They talk to you like a dog.”

More of the same from Navy veteran Jack Shaft, 65, who said he had to wait three months for a procedure.

“Why do I have to wait three months?” said Shaft, who lives in Atlanta. “They don’t care. They basically don’t care.”

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