Lockdown lifted at Jonesboro school

A lockdown was lifted late Thursday morning at the Perry Learning Center in Jonesboro after a search of the campus turned up no weapon.

Clayton County Schools spokesman Charles White said the campus on Spring Street was put on full lockdown about 8 a.m. after "school officials found out from a student that there may be someone bringing a weapon on campus or there may be a weapon on campus."

Students not yet on campus were diverted to a "safe location," White said, while authorities searched the school and conducted further interviews.

Shortly after 9 a.m., officials began a "staged return" of students to the school, using a metal detecting wand to check everyone coming onto the campus, White said.

At 9:50, the alert was downgraded to a "soft lockdown," White said, meaning that activities could resume inside the building, but not outside. The lockdown was totally lifted about 10 a.m., White said.

According to the school's Web site, the facility has a learning academy and a career academy for the county's high school juniors and seniors.