Lawrenceville approves mixed-use development at old high school site

The Lawrenceville City Council voted recently to approve a development of live-work units at 240 and 244 Oak St. The 7.5-acre site is well known as the site of the old Lawrenceville High School. Richport Properties, the developer of the project to be known as ‘City View’, has developed a similar property in Suwanee. The design will incorporate elements that are reminiscent of the old high school.

The development will include 11 single-family homes, 4 cottages, 32 attached townhouses, 5 live-work dwellings and 6 office lots. The single-family homes and cottages will be two stories and constructed of siding materials, with minor masonry accents. The townhouses, live-work dwellings and offices will be two-story brick.

Parking will be provided on a per-lot basis for the detached and attached dwellings and by a small internal parking lot serving the office buildings and accommodating over-flow guest parking. Additional parallel parking spaces will be located along Oak Street. A single entrance from Oak Street will provide access, with internal public streets, and a private alley serving the townhouses.