Lawrenceville approves increase for commercial electric rates

The Lawrenceville City Council recently approved an increase to commercial electric utility rates to be consistent with market rates. The increase takes commercial non-demand customers, your basic small business owner, from a base rate of $12 to $18. All commercial customers will see a very slight consumption rate increase of one-quarter cent per kilowatt hour (kwh). No change in rates will be passed onto Discovery High School or Gwinnett Medical Center.

The city has approximately 1,700 commercial electric customers and notes these increased rates are still below Georgia Power Company rates. Lawrenceville estimates the base rate increase will result in an additional $90,000 annually and the quarter-cent increase in kwh charge could result in an additional $375,000.

These rates will become effective with the June 21 billing date. The city has not increased commercial electric rates since 2009.