Lawrenceville agrees to special use permit for gravel parking

Following a public hearing, the Lawrenceville City Council voted Tuesday to approve a special use permit to allow gravel parking at Stephens Construction Co. Inc. at 1090 and 1120 Cripple Creek Drive. The special use permit allows Stephens Construction 24 months to pave the area or cease parking vehicles on the gravel.

Outdoor storage allowed by other sections of the zoning ordinance may be continued on the gravel surface.

The gravel parking area was shown on the development plan for the property approved in 1993, but the approved plan did not specifically allow parking on gravel. Zoning restrictions for the area did not identify gravel as an allowable parking surface.

The property is located near the end of Cripple Creek Road, which terminates with a cul-de-sac and does not contain through traffic. The gravel parking is located behind the main building and is not visible to the public.