Kennesaw State rolls out new logo

Kennesaw State University is capitalizing on the popularity of its athletic program in its first major brand overhaul in more than 20 years.

The university this week introduced a new logo, which includes overlapping KS letters, and adds “University” to “create one unified logo,” KSU said in a statement. The KS image is already the well-known insignia of Kennesaw State’s athletic program.

Alice Wheelright, associate vice president of the university’s Strategic Communications and Marketing Department, said KSU is well-known around the state and region, but the new logo will allow the institution to “stand apart from the competition.” The new look will replace the other KSU logos, including the iconic mountain drawing.

“A strong KSU brand makes it easier to understand and embrace who we are and what drives us,” she said. “It’s the spirit of KSU that helps bind all of our audiences together, unifying and inspiring our KSU family with a common sense of purpose and identity.”

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Tiffany Capuano, associate director of news and media for KSU, said the new logo is part of the rebranding process the university has launched. KSU is still in phase one of the process, which is expected to wrap up in the spring, according to its website.

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