Judge to consider Rick Ross bond modification to travel outside U.S.

William Roberts, AKA Rick Ross (Credit: Fayette County Jail)
William Roberts, AKA Rick Ross (Credit: Fayette County Jail)

The rapper known for "hustlin' everyday" wants to modify his bond for a second time, to be allowed to perform outside the country.

Rapper Rick Ross, whose real name is William Roberts, is out on bond for the alleged June 7 assault on two employees. Ross and his 42-year-old bodyguard, Nadrian James, are accused of severely beating two property managers for throwing a party in his home without his permission, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported.

Ross was released from the Fayette County Jail on July 6 on the condition that he would forfeit ownership of his $5.8 million Fayetteville mansion, formerly owned by boxer Evander Holyfield, if he violates his bond.

A judge on Aug. 13 allowed the first bond modification allowing Ross to perform outside the state, but the District Attorney’s Office said Thursday it wasn’t ready to let Ross out of the country.

Assistant District Attorney Michelle McCutcheon argued that if Ross left the United States, the District Attorney’s Office would have to expend resources it didn’t have to retrieve Ross, according to Channel 2 Action News.

The alleged assault was Ross' second run-in with Fayette police. On June 10, he was arrested on a misdemeanor marijuana charge for five joints that police allegedly found in his car.

But Ross said in court Thursday he needs to perform for his fans in other countries as part of his business.

When Ross’ attorney, Steve Sadow, said fleeing would be “the most ridiculous thing one could ever do since he’s got $6 million dollars at stake,” Fayette County Superior Court Judge Tommy Hankinson said he would “take the matter into consideration,” according to Channel 2.

Hankinson has not yet said when he would make a decision on the bond modification request.