At Issue: Should Victor Hill be excused for accidental shooting?

Should another parking deck be built near the Marietta Square?

Parking near Marietta attractions, shopping and restaurants isn’t easy to find. Although no actual draft have been drawn up or costs determined, the city is exploring the construction of a parking garage.

Plan includes moving the antebellum Root House museum for the third time from its present location on Lemon Street at North Marietta Parkway next to the new parking deck. In that way, the city’s historical attractions would be centralized, including the Marietta Museum of History, the Marietta Welcome Center and the Gone with the Wind Museum.

Last week we asked readers if the proposed structure would it be an eyesore or an enhancement. Here are some responses:

Your article did not mention there is a parking deck for anyone to park across from The Strand Theatre. It is free during the week after 5 p.m. and on the weekends. Not many people know about it. However, as I am a business owner on the square, I am trying to let people know about the free parking. — Brian Buckalew

This is something strongly needed for future growth of the square and community at large. With the new baseball park opening in 2017, hopefully there will be additions of better quality restaurants. Marietta can develop into a destination like Roswell, Decatur and even Woodstock. — Mitchell and Wendy Winick

It's a shame that a parking deck could conceivably be built to block the front of the Kennesaw House where history was made. The first Medals of Honor were given to those men who stole the train right in front of the Kennesaw House, thus beginning The Great Locomotive Chase. There is space for a parking garage between Mill Street and The Root House if it can be successfully negotiated, assuming the property owner is willing. — Pam Pittman

Yes, Marietta is well overdue for other parking decks. Parking decks are a necessity, not an eyesore. I just don't know of a suitable location. Marietta is a very unfriendly city due to limited parking especially when the square is closed for major events. Need more shuttles. A limit of two-hour parking and limited handicapped parking is disappointing. — F.S. Gaines

Yeah, a free one. — Robert Smalls

If the bottom floor is retail space and matches the look of the square, sure. — Kris Drees

There are already two massive decks across from the Strand. Free after 5 during the week and free on weekends. We don't need another parking deck. — Courtney Carpenter Morrel

Yes! Driving is hard enough near the square without all the stress of finding a parking space. — Tiffany Horne Fannin

We don't need more parking. We need to educate everyone about the available parking in the decks. — Barbara Riskay

Yes, with free parking! — Misty Smith

Yes! There is never anywhere to park down there! — Laura Wilmot

I've never not found parking. — Eric Hummel

Yes, it is why I stay away. I would so enjoy the square if it was not the threat of parking in the wrong place. — Sandy White

They should build one on the other side of the train tracks behind the herb shop. The decks aren't always safe. — Greg Hynson

The parking situation is what keeps us from going to the square for the most part. — Judie Stoker

Just wasting money. — Tom Duncan

Absolutely. The square needs a lot more parking. — Derek Leggett

I think so. It's a zoo around there during business hours. — Jerrie Jones Murdoch

No. Use what you have. People won't park on the decks. — Mary Sekimoto

As long as it's paid parking. We give too much stuff away as it is. — Pat Holland

I, too, did not know there were parking decks until now. Good to know. Thanks. — Moyra Knight

Yes, put it a block off the square. Make it free or validated parking. That will boost the economy of the square for sure. — Duane Perozzi

Move Cobb Landmarks site to the lot where free parking is now and build the deck down in the hole behind the Herb Shop so it provides less visual impact. — T. Patrick Brennan

How about an off-site paid parking with shuttle bus? — Shane Jackson

It seems the city leaders just want to overcrowd everything in the name of progress. Not all progress is good. — Dale Meeks

They don't need another lot. They just need better signage. — Anastasia Beverhausen

Charged with one misdemeanor count of reckless conduct for the May 3 shooting of a woman who calls him a friend, Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill is soon on his way to Israel as a prison construction consultant.

Gwenevere McCord was in critical condition for a time, but recovered enough recently to tell authorities that the shooting was an accident.

The incident happened in Gwinnett County and authorities there allowed Hill to leave the scene of the shooting without being questioned. A few days later he said in a prepared statement that he was practicing safety tactics with McCord.

Fans and foes of Hill have mixed reactions about the trip and the shooting. Some have said Hill does good work keeping the peace in Clayton County and haters should leave him be. Others wonder if he’s getting special treatment. And still others wonder if those well-tailored suits he’s worn to his many court appearances have a Teflon coating.

Although he’s in law enforcement, this isn’t Hill’s first time facing criminal charges.

Hill was elected sheriff for a second time in 2012 and started his term in January 2013 despite being under indictment and having his peace officer’s certification suspended. He faced a 37-count felony indictment that accused him of running the sheriff’s office like a criminal enterprise during his previous term from 2004-2008.

In August 2013, a jury acquitted Hill on 25 counts of corruption.

What do you think? The Gwinnett County District Attorney’s office will decide in the next week or so what, if any, additional charges should be brought against Hill. Should the Clayton County sheriff do time? Or should this unpleasantness be put behind him?

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