Immigration agent arrested for drunk driving

A federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent was arrested Saturday in Covington for drunk driving, according to police reports.

Detective Daniel Seals of the Covington Police Department said police dispatch responded to a caller who said that a green Dodge truck was weaving and swerving on Old Atlanta Highway.

After following the truck and noticing an abrupt right turn, an officer pulled the truck over and smelled a "very strong overwhelming odor of alcoholic beverage," the report said.

After stepping out of the truck, the driver, David Robert Silka, repeatedly asked officers to let him sleep the alcohol off for fear of losing his job. The 42-year-old refused to complete a breath test and was unable to successfully complete most of the officer's sobriety tests.

Seals said Silka's status as an ICE officer didn't affect protocol.

"Any time an officer comes upon another officer that has violated a law, we have to understand that yet they are an officer, we treat him like any other citizen would be treated," Seals said.

Silka was later transported to the Newton County Sheriff's Office and issued citations for DUI less safe and improper right turn.