Hillary Clinton won DeKalb — so easily. How'd your neighbors vote?

DeKalb County supported Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly in the presidential race, with Donald Trump struggling to get a fifth of the vote.

While losing the national race, Clinton did make a strong showing in DeKalb, a longtime Democratic stronghold. She got 83 percent of the vote, leaving Trump with 16.

In one precinct, Wadsworth Elementary in Decatur, only one person voted for Trump.

The AJC has created an interactive map showing how metro Atlanta voted in the presidential election, including DeKalb, which easily went to Hillary Clinton.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution created an interactive map — the full version can be seen and used here — showing how each precinct in metro Atlanta voted. Users can even enter an address to see which direction a neighborhood leaned.

In DeKalb, Trump's best precincts were:

• Kingsley Elementary in Dunwoody: 59 percent

• Austin in Dunwoody: 58 percent

• Dunwoody Library: 57 percent

• Mount Vernon East: 57 percent

• Tilly Mill Road in Dunwoody: 55 percent

Clinton's best were:

• Wadsworth Elementary: 99 percent

• Columbia Elementary: 98 percent

• Oak View Elementary: 98 percent

• Narvie J. Harris Elementary: 98 percent

• Miller Grove High: 98 percent

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