Gwinnett woman says dogs mauled her horse

A woman says her horse was mauled by two dogs in Gwinnett County.

A woman says her horse was mauled by two dogs in Gwinnett County.

A Gwinnett County woman says two large dogs attacked her horse last Thursday.

That horse, Molly, needed hundreds of stitches to close deep gashes on her neck, owner Barbara Horrobin told Channel 2 Action News. A veterinarian spent four hours suturing the horse’s wounds.

“It was gruesome,” Horrobin said. “She was really torn up.”

She described the dogs as “pit bull dogs” and said they mauled her horse after getting into the corral in front of her Buford home.

“Both sides of her neck and her throat had been laid open,” Horrobin told the news station. “Her armpit was torn out. She was in really sad shape.”


Horrobin and her husband have been posting flyers to warn neighbors, some of whom have young children. Older residents would be vulnerable to a dog attack, too.

Police spent some time searching for the dogs after Horrobin said one wore a collar, but officers didn’t find any suspect animals.

Horrobin said she doesn’t mind pit bull breed dogs, and owns one herself. She does, however, have a problem with dog owners who would let this behavior go.

“Somebody knows,” she said. “Their dogs came home Thursday morning covered in blood. They know about it."

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