Gwinnett County election results: Louise Radloff loses reelection bid

Louise Radloff, the longest-serving member of a board of education in the state, lost her reelection bid in Gwinnett County to activist Tarece Johnson in Tuesday’s election.

There are no Republicans in the race for Gwinnett County Board of Education, so 44-year-old Johnson is the winner in the race. Radloff, 84, who has been on the board for 47 years, is currently the chairman.

Other Gwinnett County contests are likely to go to runoffs. Some are simply too close to call as all precincts are reporting, but absentee ballots still have to be counted.

In the sheriff’s race, to replace Butch Conway, Democrats Curtis Clemons and Keybo Taylor are headed for a runoff. Lou Solis handily won the Republican primary.

Democrat Patsy Austin-Gaston bested Wes Person in the election for District Attorney. The winner will face Republican incumbent Danny Porter this fall.

In the race for the county commission chair, to replace Charlotte Nash, Republican David Post won the contest by a healthy margin. Among the Democrats, Nicole Love Hendrickson had a strong lead among the group of five candidates, but was just shy of 50% of the vote. Desmond Nembhard is leading in the race for second place.

In the District 1 commission race, Laurie McClain has a commanding lead over Jacqueline Tseng on the Republican ticket. She will face Democrat Kirkland Carden in November.

The District 3 commission race won’t be decided in this election. Ben Archer has the lead among the Republicans, but is shy of 50% of the vote. He’ll likely face Matt Dereimer in a runoff.

Among the Democrats, Derrick J. Wilson leads the field of five. But Jasper Watkins III and John Henry Moye Jr. are battling for second place; Moye with a slight edge in vote totals.

Karen Watkins and Segun Adeyina are neck-and-neck in the race for the District 1 Board of Education seat. The winner of that Democratic primary will take on Republican Carole Boyce, the incumbent.

Tiffany Porter and Regina Carden are the top two vote-getters in the Democratic primary for the tax commissioner’s race. They will go to a runoff to take in the incumbent, Republican Richard Steele.

Kathy Schrader, the incumbent superior court judge, was leading a five-person race to keep her seat, but will face Deborah Fluker in a runoff. Incumbent Superior Court Judge Randy Rich lost to Tamela Adkins.