Groundhog Gen. Beauregard Lee sees shadow, predicts winter weather

For Georgians, there’s only one prediction to look for on Groundhog Day. Gen. Beauregard Lee has been making predictions for years in metro Atlanta. Here's what you should know about the furry Southern gentleman.

Sorry, Georgia. The state’s official rodent weatherman has predicted six more weeks of winter weather.

Gen. Beauregard Lee peered out of his home at Dauset Trails Nature Preserve and saw his shadow Friday morning, shortly after sunrise. That means that instead of an early spring, metro Atlanta will have to endure six more harsh weeks of cold.

This was Beau’s first year celebrating Groundhog Day at Dauset Trails in Jackson. The Yellow River Game Ranch, where Beau and his predecessors predicted the weather for decades, closed in December. Beau was relocated in January.

Beau only makes his long-range prediction once a year, so stick with Channel 2 Action News meteorologists for your day-to-day forecasts.

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