Georgia Power, Buckhead Coalition partner to trim hazardous trees

In a proactive arrangement, Georgia Power has agreed with the Buckhead Coalition to schedule advance care of dangerous tree conditions. Leaning trees,- many caused by the excessive amount of rainfall this season, could cause harm to persons and property beyond normal expectations.

Georgia Power has pledged to protect against these risks with help from the 45 neighborhood civic associations in Buckhead. The results of this survey will be inventoried and mapped by the coalition.

Letters explaining the free service have been mailed to each head of the neighborhood associations, along with survey forms to identify problems needing attention.

Although Georgia Power normally exercises a periodic tree pruning schedule to avoid loss of electrical power, this partnership with the Buckhead Coalition provides wider attention to potential problems.

Not waiting for surveying data to be submitted and mapped, one tree has been scheduled to come down, fronting Piedmont Center North at 3579 Piedmont Road, NE.