Georgia Gwinnett College bans storage and use of hoverboards

Georgia Gwinnett College has joined the burgeoning list of Georgia higher education instutitutions that have banned hoverboards.

GGC Police Chief Terry Schneider sent an email Friday to faculty, staff and students stating that the college, which has about 11,000 students, would prohibit "use, possession or storage of Hoverboards, Swagways or similar devices in all GGC buildings."

GGC officials decided to place the ban on campus before the first hoverboard ever arrived to campus, said GGC spokeswoman Sally Ramey. Classes started Monday.

"It's a safety concern," Ramey told The Atlanta Journal Constitution, "because of the spontaneous fires and explosions."

Although not prohibited, Schneider also cautioned in his email against storing the popular self-balancing boards in vehicles parked on campus.

“This policy may be altered when additional information regarding safety standards can be developed," Schneider said. "GGC’s priority continues to be the safety of the students, faculty, staff, and visitors on our campuses."