Gangster Disciples: Highly organized crime

The U.S. attorney in Atlanta announced on Wednesday a sweeping racketeering indictment against the Gangster Disciples, a multistate criminal organization accused or murder, extortion, drug dealing on a large scale, prostitution, financial fraud and more.

The Gangster Disciples is highly structured, disciplined and deadly, according to U.S. Attorney John Horn in Atlanta. The federal racketeering indictment unsealed Wednesday depicts an almost corporate organization spread out over several states.

“The Gangster Disciples maintain a hierarchical structure on the belief that the enterprise will be ready to step in and run the United States should its government fail,” the indictment states.

Here are the key players and concepts, according to the indictment.

» Chairman: the national leader, who is currently in prison but still communicates with gang leadership, the indictment claims.

» Board Members: highest-ranking members after the Chairman.

» Count: The geographic divisions of the Gangster Disciples are called "counts" or "decks."

» Governor: Head of the state organization, or "count," of the Gangster Disciples. "A Governor is aware of and coordinates much of the (gang's) criminal activity within that state," the indictment says.

» Governor of Governors: Regional officer in charge of the governors.

» Chief Enforcer: The gang member in each state who is responsible for enforcing codes, rules and regulations of the gang. "Responsible for seeing that punishment, including 'Kill on Sight' (KOS) orders and 'greenlights,' which authorize physical punishment, are effectuated for Gangster Disciples who violate gang rules."

» Clean-up crews: These are enforcement teams who work for the Chief Enforcer, administering discipline (including assault and murder) to members who violate the rules. Some of these teams have names, such as "Hate Committee" or "Blacc Team."

» Ninjas: Oftentimes members of the enforcement teams are known as "ninjas" or "UFOs."

» BOS, SOS: Brothers (or sisters) of the struggle.

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