Fulton’s graduation rate increases slightly

Credit: Alyssa Pointer

Credit: Alyssa Pointer

The graduation rate for Fulton County Schools is up about half a percentage point from last year.

The percentage of students in Georgia's fourth-largest school system who graduated within four years of starting high school is just over 87%, according to numbers released Wednesday by the Georgia Department of Education.

That puts Fulton and its more than 7,800 seniors above the state average of 82%. In Fulton, 14 of 19 high schools had rates above 90%, according to the stats.

"The data shows that our district made progress on this front last year," said Superintendent Mike Looney, who took over the school district in June.

Looney acknowledged the district has work to do, including at its alternative schools.

Skyview High School in College Park — a flexible tuition-free public high school for students ages 16 to 21 — graduated 23 of 260 students, which amounts to 8%.

“We intend to remain laser focused on ensuring that this trend continues so that we can witness all of our students walk across the high school stage with a well-earned high school diploma,” Looney said. “We haven’t arrived yet.”

Here's a rough look at the data for 19 schools*:

• Alpharetta High School, 500 out of 535 students, 93%

• Banneker High School, 312 out of 382 students, 81%

• Cambridge High School, 481 out of 493 students, 97%

• Centennial High School, 409 out of 443 students, 92%

• Chattahoochee High School, 507 out of 518 students, 97%

• Creekside High School, 351 out of 406 students, 86%

• Hapeville Charter Career Academy, 130 out of 141 students, 92%

• Independence High School, 103 out of 190 students, 54%

• Johns Creek High School, 514 out of 534 students, 96%

• Langston Hughes High School, 438 out of 493 students, 88%

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• McClarin High School, 91 out of 190 students, 47%

• Milton High School, 583 out of 611 students, 95%

• North Springs High School, 326 out of 350 students, 93%

• Northview High School, 448 out of 462 students, 97%

• Riverwood International Charter School, 341 out of 372 students, 91%

• Roswell High School, 475 out of 523 students, 90%

• Skyview High School, 23 out of 260 students, 8%

• Tri-Cities High School, 314 out of 372 students, 84%

• Westlake High School, 515 out of 558 students, 92%

* Wellspring Living along with Georgia Baptist Children's Home and Family Ministries School were listed by the state as having too few students to gather data from.

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