N. Fulton Flashback, 1956: Repeated escape artist caught in Roswell

Photo taken in the 1950s. (Charles Pugh/AJC staff)

Photo taken in the 1950s. (Charles Pugh/AJC staff)

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One minute, he is there, and then ... poof … he is gone.

This Sept. 27, 1956 AJC news story features convict Frank Robinson, 32, who was infamously known to local authorities as a daring escape artist.

Robinson’s resume included an escape from a police cordon in Atlanta on July 4, 1956. Six months prior to that, Robinson fled with two other prisoners from a federal courtroom in Rome while awaiting trial.

But his biggest escape came when broke out of the Wayne County Prison in Jesup in August 1956, where he was serving 60 years for burglary. He would go missing for six weeks.

Roswell police caught a break in his capture, though. The story says Roswell police officers spotted him driving his vehicle outside of city limits and immediately arrested him.

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