Fourth Ward beautification project to conclude this month

One of the Fourth Ward power boxes. CONTRIBUTED

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One of the Fourth Ward power boxes. CONTRIBUTED

The Fourth Ward Power Box Beautification Project is underway. A Fourth Ward Alliance Neighborhood Association Initiative benefiting the O4W is expected to be complete by May 27, according to a press release.

Artists are out painting 19 power boxes along Glen Iris and Boulevard between Edgewood and Ponce de Leon.

The association urges residents to stop and say hi, if you see them out working.

Some art projects are are already complete and some will finish Memorial Day weekend.

This project is funded by the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs Grant and The Neighborhood Fund Grant.

Artists Involved: Matthew Evans, Adam Crawford, Amol Saraf, Britt Mcdermott, David Barios, Sachi Rome, Krista Jones, Lauren Pallotta, Lauren Pallotta, Kacie Rushton, Squshipuss, Ruby Chavez, Shannon Willow, Adam Podber, Matthew Evans, Elaine Stephenson, Greg Mike, Fabian Williams and Larry Holland.

Locations: Wabash and Boulevard, Angier and Boulevard, Ralph McGill and Boulevard, Glen Iris and Ralph McGill, Glen Iris and Morgan, North and Boulevard, Boulevard and Rankin, Edgewood and Randolph, Irwin and Glen Iris, John Wesley Dobbs and Boulevard (at Hope Hill Elementary), Dallas and North Ave Traffic Box, Highland and Boulevard by CVS, Boulevard and Edgewood, Boulevard and Auburn, Boulevard and Ponce De Leon Ave., Ponce De Leon Ave. and Glen Iris, Highland and Glen Iris, Glen Iris and North Ave., East and Boulevard, Boulevard and John Wesley Dobbs (Tribute Lofts).

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