Forsyth man accused of biting another child

A Forsyth man has been accused of biting another 8-year-old friend of his daughter not long after being served with a civil suit by the family of the first alleged victim.

Two families have filed complaints against Gordon Kent Nelson for bite marks that appeared on their daughters after spending a night at the Nelson home.

The first accusation was made last summer. Forsyth County investigators looked into the incident but did not charge Nelson with a crime.

The second incident allegedly took place sometime last weekend, said Captain Frank Huggins with the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office. Details of the incident were not immediately available and the accusation is under investigation, Huggins said.

Paul and Tracy Holbrook filed a civil suit against Nelson on behalf of their daughter early February, attorney Donald W. Singleton told the AJC.

“It took another victim to have the Sheriff’s office and district attorney to do what should have been done the first time,” Singleton said. “They feel like the system let them down [by not charging Nelson with a crime].”

The first biting incident allegedly took place on the night of August 28, 2009. Nelson, in his response to the civil suit, admits he was pretending to be a tiger while playing with the girls but merely pretended to bite. He also admits to drinking two to three glasses of wine hours before the incident.

Calls to Nelson's home were not immediately returned. Nelson’s lawyer declined to discuss the case Friday afternoon.

The suit is now in the discovery phase, Singleton said.

“Documents are being filed and depositions will be taken,” he said. “There is no way of saying how long the whole process will take, but it is moving along as it should.”

The Holbrooks have asked for compensation of at least $100 to cover medical expenses.