FBI: Drunk woman on Delta flight bit agent

An intoxicated woman on a flight from Atlanta to New York yelled racial epithets at a pregnant woman and bit a federal agent, according to the FBI.

Kim Goodwine, a passenger on Flight 1788 on Sunday, was arrested when the plane landed at LaGuardia Airport, according to a complaint filed in federal court. The 38-year-old woman, who previously lived in Staten Island, N.Y., now lives in the Lithonia area.

Goodwine apparently was drunk when she got on the plane and fell asleep in the wrong seat, according to Michael Lewis, FBI special agent, in the complaint. The woman who had purchased the seat requested the help of flight attendants, who asked Goodwine to move to her seat, according to the complaint.

That's where the problems began, the complaint states.

"Upon being asked to move, the defendant became verbally belligerent toward this passenger and the flight crew," Lewis stated.

Goodwine did move, but didn't stay quiet. After the flight took off, Goodwine "began once again shouting and yelling obscenities and racial epithets at the pregnant passenger and the flight crew," Lewis stated.

The pregnant passenger was moved to another seat, and the FBI agent sat beside Goodwine and identified himself, the complaint states. At that point, Goodwine began videotaping and was asked to put the device away. She continued to shout obscenities, according to the complaint.

The agent asked Goodwine to follow him to the back of the plane, but she refused and her aggressive behavior led the agent to handcuff her, Lewis stated.

"As the agent escorted her to the back of the place, the defendant bit both of the agent’s hands, drawing blood," Lewis stated.

Goodwine was arrested in New York and later released on $100,000 bond, according to court records.

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