Father said, ‘I killed my baby,’ detective testifies



Ten-year-old Emani Moss weighed just 32 pounds when her charred body was discovered in a trash can last Saturday morning, a Gwinnett police detective testified Friday at a probable cause hearing for the girl’s father and stepmother.

Eman and Tiffany Moss, both 30, are charged with starving Emani to death and then burning her body in an attempt to dispose of it. They showed little emotion as Detective Collin Flynn recounted the grisly details of Emani’s last days, as told to him by her father, Eman Moss.

Eman Moss’ “story changed over the course of the morning,” Flynn said. He first told the detective Emani ingested some chemicals, then claimed his wife had poisoned his daughter.”

Eman Moss said his wife and daughter had a “rocky relationship,” Flynn testified. Tiffany Moss was on probation for beating Emani with a belt in 2010.

Her husband finally admitted to Flynn that he came home from work on Oct. 24 to find Emani “in a bathtub, seized up and unable to move her own body,” the detective said. Eman Moss told Flynn they didn’t seek medical attention for their daughter because they were afraid they’d go to jail.

“I’m guilty. I killed my baby,” he said, according to Flynn.