Episcopal diocese warns members of phishing scam


The Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta is warning members to beware of an email scam circulating in the area.

According to a notice from the diocese, the scammers try to get money or personal information. They may appear to be legitimate and may even pose as a person or organization affiliated with the  clergy or parish.

A spokesman said there have been reports from several parishes about the scam and warned that the emails have become more sophisticated.

“If you have recently received an unusual email from a parish leader requesting gift cards or money it could be part of a scam,” according to the diocese.

To avoid becoming a victim, the diocese recommends members carefully check the sender’s name and email address; look for misspelled words or incorrect grammar; don’t click on suspicious links or attachments; and to report the email as spam.

To report a scam, contact the Federal Trade Commission’s consumer response center  at 1-877- 382-4357 or go to www.ftc.gov/complaint.