Emory University fighting Trump on immigration order

Emory University has joined 30 other universities in a court filing opposing President Donald Trump's latest executive order on immigration.

The schools say Trump’s efforts to temporarily block immigration from six heavily Muslim countries are detrimental to education. The brief — also signed by Cornell, Harvard and Duke — was filed with the U.S. Court of Appeals for consideration in a challenge to Trump’s March immigration order.

“Each (university) has a global mission and benefits from the contributions of diverse students, faculty, staff and scholars from around the world,” the brief said. In light of their educational missions, (the universities) have a strong interest in ensuring that individuals from around the globe can continue to enter the United States and share their unique skills and perspectives.”

This isn’t Emory’s first time bucking the Trump administration.

The school  flirted with becoming a "sanctuary campus" for immigrants, but decided against it.

Back in February, the DeKalb County school joined 16 other research universities in a brief opposing the president's first immigration order.

Emory President Claire Sterk joined 47 other college and university presidents to send a letter to Trump urging him against his first executive order, which ultimately fell in court.

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