Elementary boys get free haircuts

Dozens of young boys at two Atlanta area elementary schools are being treated to haircuts, free-of-charge.

John T. Brice, a senior at Morehouse College, has enlisted the help of professional barbers in the city for his second annual Looking Like Men haircut event Monday.

It is his way of “going into the community and making a change,” Brice said.

“These young boys are not just getting haircuts,” he said. “They are getting a chance to see men do something positive.”

Any young boy from first through fifth grade at Alonzo F. Herndon Elementary school will be able to get a haircut if they want one. They must have a parent's consent.

Last week, Brice and barbers from Philly’s Finest, Uppercuts and Off the Hook Barbershops visited M. Agnes Jones Elementary. They set up shop at the school and gave 54 haircuts from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

In its first year, the event was held just at Herndon elementary. A total of 45 young boys were served that year.

It is something Brice feels obligated to do. He hopes to be able to do the event more often and at more schools. But for now, he is content with what he has been able to accomplish, he said.

And he appreciates the commitment and sacrifice of the barbers, who are donating their time and talents.

“Many of these young boys cannot afford to get haircuts as often as others,” Brice added.