East Point approves truck leases for power department

The East Point City Council approved a resolution last week to lease eight vehicles for five years for the East Point Power Department. The lease is for five 55-foot bucket trucks, two 47-foot Derrick trucks and one 40-foot bucket truck. The lease will cost $332,876.00 per year at a total cost of $1,664,380.

The council also received an update on the repairs to East Point City Hall and City Auditorium from Jeffrey Reeves of the Public Works Department. The roof of the City Hall building has been repaired and is no longer leaking. The mitigation or removal of mold in the basement of the building is completed and walls removed to reach the mold will be replaced this month, which should allow an inspection to take place and city staff to move back into the building by the end of July.

The City Auditorium roof needs repair, for which Reeves received an estimated cost of $198,759. The city issued a solicitation asking local companies for repair estimates on June 30. As of the meeting time, no bids had been received.