Dunwoody day care shooting | Prosecutors focus on relationship between alleged killer, widow

Newly filed discovery evidence in the Hemy Neuman investigation focuses on the relationship between the east Cobb engineer and the widow of the man he's alleged to have fatally shot outside a Dunwoody day care facility last November, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned.

The evidence, part of the pre-trial litigation process in which each side presents their version of the facts of the case, zeroes in on two trips taken by the GE Energy colleagues, to Longmont, Colo. and  Greenville, S.C., last summer -- a few months before Rusty Sneiderman's death.

In previous court filings, Neuman's estranged wife  Ariela alleges an illicit relationship between her husband and Andrea Sneiderman, the widow of  Rusty Sneiderman.

Seth Kirschenbaum, Andrea Sneiderman's attorney, has repeatedly refused to address allegations of an extramarital affair, adding that the two often traveled together on business. Kirschenbaum did not respond to a request seeking comment Tuesday.

"No one on this earth wants [Neuman] convicted more than my client," he said earlier this month.

The relationship between the alleged killer and widow continues to intrigue the prosecution, however. Five months ago, an investigator with the DeKalb County District Attorney's Office told a judge the co-workers were in "continuous communication" before and after the Nov. 18 shooting and that phone conversations between the two "may reveal motive to murder [Rusty Sneiderman]."

Their latest filings show that Andrea Sneiderman stayed at the Longmont Hampton Inn from July 18 to 23. Neuman, according to prosecutors, reserved a flight from Atlanta to Colorado on July 21. He was also in Longmont on July 15-16, according to court documents.

The district attorney also said it has reservation information for Neuman -- and receipts from Sneiderman -- at the same Greenville hotel on the weekend of Aug. 26. It's unclear if they shared a room.

Among the other evidence presented in the filings: details of Neuman's purchase of the gun prosecutors say was used to kill Sneiderman and an e-mail from the victim's father regarding a phone conversation he had with Andrea Sneiderman within minutes of the shooting.

There's also testimony from a neighbor who told investigators he saw a silver van outside the Sneiderman's' Dunwoody home the same day Rusty Sneiderman was killed. Prosecutors say Neuman rented a silver Kia Sedona that was spotted fleeing Dunwoody Prep on Nov. 18.

Neuman's trial is scheduled to begin Oct. 17 in DeKalb County Superior Court.