Duluth salary survey results in increase for some

The Duluth City Council voted recently to approve recommendations from the city’s annual salary survey classification pay plan study and incorporate the results in the fiscal year 2018 proposed budget, effective July 3.

The Human Resource Manager researches and compares salary ranges in Duluth with 14 other local jurisdictions in order to determine the prevailing pay range for each position in the local market area. This annual survey helps ensure the city can attract and retain qualified and competent employees, avoid overpaying or underpaying employees, and keeps the salary structure technically up-to-date. The study also reviews the classification of various duties performed to determine if they have been placed in the appropriate pay range compared to other cities.

This year, six positions were recommended to the Finance Committee for a change in annual pay grade: Judicial Admin Assistant will increase by $711, Deputy Clerk of Court Clerk by $863 Clerk of Court by $1,273, Finance Manager by $1,634, IT Manager by $1,612, and City Clerk by $2,122. These changes represent a total increase in annual salaries of $8,372, or $10,060 with FICA and pension.

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