I-20 drive-by: DeKalb man charged with murder of teen killed on road

The bullets pierced the windshield of 19-year-old Jonathan Williams' 2009 Chevrolet Malibu as he drove down I-20. It was June 7, about 5:30 p.m., rush hour.

At least one witness saw a man pointing a gun out of the window of the suspect car, firing at Williams’ car near Panola Road, according to a report. Another witness watched as the suspect car exited on Panola Road.

More than four months later, the final named suspect, James Frank Gamble, a 25-year-old Lithonia man, is in the DeKalb County jail, charged with felony murder.

Credit: Sharpe, Joshua (CMG-Atlanta)

Credit: Sharpe, Joshua (CMG-Atlanta)

Williams, a Villa Rice resident who had dreams of going to college, died at the scene.

Gamble, who authorities previously said may have been hiding out in Florida, was arrested last week. Details on his arrest weren't released.

Many questions remain with the information that’s been made public. No motive has been released.

Williams' family told media after the shooting that they suspected he'd been targeted, but they couldn't say why.

Credit: Sharpe, Joshua (CMG-Atlanta)

Credit: Sharpe, Joshua (CMG-Atlanta)

In the days after the chaotic shooting, three other suspects were arrested on murder charges, including Avery Price, 24, of Lithonia and Tiesha Little, 24, of Covington.

In a twist, Williams' passenger, Terrance Elane, 25, of Conyers, was also charged.

Warrants say Elane was returning fire at the other car when he shot Williams in the head. That was the fatal shot, the warrants say.

He was charged with felony murder and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, also a felony.

In Georgia, a person commits felony murder when they commit a separate felony that results in a death, regardless of intent.

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