Douglasville to decide on pit bull ban Monday

Douglasville City Council members agreed Thursday night that they will vote Monday on whether to ban new pit bull dog ownership.

Council members voiced opposing views before an overflow crowd -- with half wanting the ordinance and half wanting a general dangerous dog law.

If the original ordinance is approved, current pit bull dog owners would have 90 days to register their dogs and provide evidence that they carry $300,000 of liability insurance.

Those moving into the city with pit bull dogs would have to get rid of them, according to the city's Chief Assistant District Attorney Suzan Littlefield.

New pit bull dogs or those who are not registered could be destroyed by court order. Until then, those owners may be charged a $500 daily fine.

Pit bull dogs "must at all times be securely confined indoors or confined in a securely and totally enclosed and locked pen, with either a top or with all four sides at least six feet high, and with a conspicuous sign displaying the words ‘Dangerous Dog,'" according to the proposed ordinance.

When not confined, the dog must be muzzled and kept on a leash in the presence of the owner or custodian and cannot be walked within 50 feet of any public school or set foot on public school property.