DeKalb wants to hire internal auditor

DeKalb County officials want an internal auditor to have the authority to empanel a special grand jury and subpoena county workers to investigate possible wrongdoing.

County commissioners are now drafting a job description for the internal auditor, which they plan to hire this summer, Commissioner Jeff Rader told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The additional position was included in this year’s budget, despite the $100 million shortfall. Rader said the auditor will be paid a six-figure salary, consistent with other senior county staff.

“It is mandated by the organizational act,” said Rader, chairman of the commission's audit committee. “It will help us develop a more persistent capacity to do auditing. It will allow us to be a more efficient and more transparent government for the citizens of DeKalb.”

Rader said the goal is that the auditor will prevent the county from having to hire external contractors to look at departments, and that the auditor will be able to possibly prevent fraud and other problems. He referenced the recent reported problems in Recorders’ Court, but insisted the auditor is not directed toward any specific allegations.

The auditor, which will have a five-year contract, would be independent of the commission and the county CEO. The position still needs to be approved by the board of commissioners.