DeKalb assessing response to storm

DeKalb County will conduct an after-action report next week to assess the county’s response to the storm.

However, the county has already learned that it needs more snow chains for emergency vehicles' tires and a larger salt storage facility, chief operating officer Richard Stogner said Friday. The county has only 120 sets of chains and plans to buy another 100. DeKalb also has only five days of salt storage and wants to increase that and buy more spreaders to place on the back of dump trucks, Stogner said.

DeKalb has struggled with only 10 salt/sand trucks and two plows, causing dozens of neighborhood roads to still be closed Friday.

DeKalb will also consider looking at private contractors to help with snow removal, but can not afford to buy any more sand trucks, which cost about $120,000 each, Stogner said.