Decatur schools eyeing more property

City Schools Decatur continues pursuing additional land, either for expanding current schools or building new schools altogether. Earlier this week the board unanimously authorized Superintendent David Dude to “negotiate and execute all legal documents necessary” for purchasing another piece of property, though it cannot be publicly identified until officially under contract.

Last summer CSD entered into a contract for six acres on Talley Street, a potential site for one or two new schools. Dude said he should know by next week, when the “due diligence” phases are completed, if that property will need an environmental remediation. CSD has until March to close.

In November CSD purchased 7/10th of an acre next to College Heights Early Childhood Learning Center.

“We’ve been consistently looking at land since before I came on the board two years ago,” said new Board Chair Annie Caiola. “I think now, due to circumstances, or luck, some [parcels] are opening up. But also, with the [$75 million General Obligation] Bond passing, we know we’ll have the money to fund land purchases.”