Decatur development’s second phase adds 450 apartments

Fuqua Development recently unveiled phase two of its mixed-use project at North Decatur Road and Scott Boulevard, which includes 450 apartments added to the 250 apartments in phase one. Phase two also includes 80,000 square feet of retail/restaurant—including an unnamed organic grocery—and 15,000 square feet of office space.

The 60 town homes, originally in phase one, have been eliminated.

Current streets Barton Way and Blackmon Drive will be demolished, giving way to a new north/south road aligning with a new North Decatur traffic light installed by Selig Enterprises, which is re-developing Suburban Plaza across the street. Both the Suburban and Fuqua projects are included on Decatur’s annexation master plan.

Fuqua’s phase one will begin this spring and could finish by summer 2016. There is no timetable for phase two.