Decatur commission rejects proposed storage facility on Clairemont

Decatur Mayor Patti Garrett. Courtesy city of Decatur
Decatur Mayor Patti Garrett. Courtesy city of Decatur

In a unanimous vote earlier this week Decatur’s commission rejected a proposed storage facility on Clairemont Avenue, in the city’s northwest section. The project had cropped up in public forums for months and was vigorously opposed by residents in the multi-family units south and east of the property. In July the city’s Planning Commission declined recommending the plan.

The 104,000 square-foot building would’ve been erected on 1.1 acres, currently divided into three parcels. Two of those parcels in unincorporated DeKalb would’ve needed annexation into the city.

Decatur Mayor Patti Garrett said the project yielded some “positives:” it would’ve brought commercial revenue, it wouldn’t have impacted the school system, and it didn’t draw objections from county commissioners (as did a June annexation approved by Decatur).

“In the end, we felt this was too large,” Garrett said. “It would’ve been a U-shaped building that would’ve covered the majority of the property. We felt like something else might be a better fit.”

That ideal project remains to be seen. The topography is challenging with a sharp drop-off from Clairemont. Residents cited the usual concerns of traffic and noise but Garrett added that, “whatever goes in there will bring traffic.

“I don’t think any of [the commission] envision that area staying residential,” Garrett said. “[Much of it is currently] zoned residential, but the land use calls for office and institutional.”

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