Crimes of Cobb: Mom leaves 3 children in car while shopping at Kroger

A mother allegedly left her children in a vehicle while she was shopping at a Kroger in Cobb County.

Credit: Scott Olson

Credit: Scott Olson

A mother allegedly left her children in a vehicle while she was shopping at a Kroger in Cobb County.

This is a roundup of recent crimes of note in Cobb County. It is based on arrest warrants, police reports and jail records. At this point, these are allegations by law enforcement.

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Yo quiero press charges

A man was arrested for allegedly choking a pregnant woman and spitting in her face at the Taco Bell on Alabama Road where they work together in Cobb County.

According to a warrant, the man saw pictures on the woman’s phone of his daughter about 9 p.m. on Wednesday. The woman was sending the pictures to another man. Police did not expound on the situation.

The suspect then went over to the woman who was at the kitchen’s prep table, where he choked her and spat in her face. She is seven months pregnant.

The woman’s five-year-old child was also there. Police did not explain why there was a five-year-old child in the kitchen of a Taco Bell at 9 p.m.

The alleged assailant bonded out of Cobb jail about 12 hours later for $2,420, according to jail records.

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What a way to lose your teeth

A woman is accused of stealing a man’s dentures in Cobb County.

The woman took the partial dentures, estimated to cost $350, overnight Tuesday, according to a police warrant.

It appears this took place at the Guest House Motel in Austell.

According to the warrant, she admitted to police over the phone that she took them.

Records at the Cobb jail do not indicate that she has been booked.

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3 kids with 10 years between them in a car 20 minutes

A Kennesaw mother has been charged with reckless conduct after allegedly leaving her three children in a car with the windows cracked and the doors unlocked in a Kroger parking lot.

The children — ages 1, 2 and 7 — were left inside the car Wednesday as the woman shopped at the Kroger, according to a warrant.

A man walking by noticed the children “crying for their mother to come back” and called 911 at 5:20 p.m.

“The witness was worried that anyone could kidnap the children or if the oldest child would walk away from the car and possibly get hit by a moving vehicle,” the warrant said.

About 20 minutes later, the mother showed up. She told cops she was inside for three minutes.

The high in metro Atlanta that day was 72 degrees, according to WSB meteorologists.

The woman was arrested the same day and spent six hours in Cobb jail before bonding out for $1,320, records show.

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Not so slick: Oil caper foiled

Two people were arrested for allegedly stealing $83 of cooking oil from a processing plant and taking it back to a hibachi restaurant.

The duo took about 46 gallons from the Darling Ingredients plant in Smyrna. The company turns cooking oils and animal fats into biodiesel.

"Giving nature a second life is our second nature ... We have evolved from a small rendering company into the world's leading innovative developer and producer of sustainable organic ingredients for a growing population," according to its website.

The pair drove the oil back to Hibachi Grill & Buffet on Austell Road about 9 a.m. Thursday, according to a police warrant.

The day after being booked into Cobb jail, both of the men were transferred to other jurisdictions where they were wanted.

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