Once the movers loaded all the family's stuff onto a truck, they vanished, but they didn't know they were caught on video.

Craigslist movers accused of stealing $75,000 in valuables

One Douglas County woman is still hoping her family’s household items turn up, even though police found the box she needed from the recent move.

The woman, who asked not to be named, told Channel 2 Action News movers stole all of her family’s belongings Friday, while they were relocating to a new house.

The homeowner found the two-man moving team on Craigslist and planned to follow them in their U-Haul onto the interstate to her new home. But the movers ditched the woman and her family, taking everything in the truck, she told Channel 2.

Hours later, while waiting at their new place, she and her family realized the movers may have stolen their belongings.

Police found the moving truck, which had been stolen before movers got to the house, empty in Atlanta.

Two days later a box was found on the side of the road.

“I had iPads and iPhones. That was gone,” she told the news station. “But all of the birth certificates and all the records that I really needed were in that box, including my Bible. Thank God.”

Still, the woman was without other valuables, which she estimated were worth $75,000, as she prepared to move into a new home with her family.

“I mean, we lived in this house for over ten years,” she told Channel 2. “We built a life here, memories. We have items that are irreplaceable on that truck.”

Police were still investigating the theft Tuesday.