Cops: Trio used art as distraction in wallet theft at Roswell gallery

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AJC/Cox file

Police are searching for three suspects they believe stole multiple credit, debit and bank cards from a woman’s purse at a Roswell art gallery.

The suspects are described as three middle-aged women, well dressed with short- to medium-length hair. Within a few hours of the victim noticing her cards were stolen, $3,507.56 in charges had stacked up.

Police said the theft occurred on May 28. The victim was working at an art gallery on Canton Street when the three female suspects entered the store around 4 p.m. One woman said she would like to purchase a painting as the other two walked around the store.

The victim turned to wrap the frame of the painting, and when she finished the woman said she needed to go get money and would return, police said. By closing at 5 p.m., the woman had not returned.

According to a police report, the victim then received a phone call from the fraud department of Georgia’s Own Credit Union. The representative asked her about a suspicious transaction that it turns out the victim did not make. She then checked her purse, which is kept under her desk. Her Coach wallet was no longer there.

By 7 p.m. that evening, $2,494.24 had been spent with the victim’s Best Buy card, among other unauthorized purchases.

Police say the case is still active and the suspects haven't been identified. Anyone with information related to this crime can contact Roswell police through its Facebook page or call 770-640-4100.

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