Contested senior living development denied in Cobb County

A senior living development was denied 4-1 Tuesday by the Cobb County Board of Commissioners. There had been 80 residents in attendance opposed to the plan and 1,672 petition signatures.

The location is on the east side of Ebenezer Road, north of Blackwell Road and the western terminus of Cedar Ridge Road at 3750, 3860 and 3862 Ebenezer Road.

On behalf of applicant Adventur Living owned by T.M. Denome, William Harry Nelson, Glenna S. Nelson and Harold R. Burtz, attorney Parks Huff said to accommodate adjacent residents, the acreage had been reduced from 15.5 acres to 9.5 acres with 25 houses at 2.6 residences per acre.

He also said the developer would install a 50-foot buffer all around the property instead of the county’s required 20-foot buffer.

Opposition speakers noted that 42 of the 44 RSL developments in Cobb are on arterial roads - not like this one on a collector road with no lighting, no curb and gutter and no sidewalks.

Commissioner JoAnn Birrell said she also had received 280 emails in opposition and a few emails in support.

In making her motion to change the zoning to a low-density zoning of R-15 instead of to RSL, Birrell said, “I do see a need for senior living in Cobb, but it’s not compatible with the surrounding neighborhood.”

Before the new site plan is approved, Birrell said it will have to be shared with the neighbors.