HR company opens Atlanta office

Group Management Services Inc., a company that provides human resources services, recently announced the opening of a new office in Atlanta as well as one in Nashville. GMS is the largest Ohio-based Professional Employer Organization, partnering with over 1,300 small to mid-sized businesses across the country.

According to a press release, 2018 has been a busy year for the company, as it opened its brand-new headquarters in August of this year, while also being recognized as the third-largest employer in Northeast Ohio.

These two new locations give GMS 10 total offices across the country, with plans for continued expansion in 2019. The company has grown its revenue 20 percent annually for the past five years and is approaching the $100 million threshold to close out the year.

VP of Sales, Tim Austin, believes these new markets provide another opportunity to help that trend continue and extend the reach of the company.

“Atlanta and Nashville have great small to mid-sized business communities, where GMS can expand while supporting the growth of those regions,” Austin said.